How to Sponsor-A-Cage 2023


Sponsor-A-Cage Program 2022 graphic

When you sponsor a cage, you aren't sponsoring just one cat or kitten. You are helping the many cats and kittens that stay in your cage awaiting their adoption throughout the year! We have more cages available for this year than we had last year, so more people will be able to become sponsors! Whiskers Pet Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible. We will be planning an open house just for cage sponsors in April!

WE ONLY HAVE ONE OPTION FOR CAGE SPONSORSHIP FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2023 for $100. In December 2023, we will be sending out the information to be sponsors for 2024.

Sponsoring a cage makes a great gift or memorial
on behalf of someone that is passionate about animals

  • For VENMO, send to @CatsRus (Southbury Whiskers) and please make sure to put Sponsor-a-Cage in the note! **Include your name, address, phone, sponsorship level & “GIFT”, “in memory of” or “in honor of” information, if applicable. ** If you are doing this as a gift, or in memory or honor of someone and want a card sent to them or their family, include that name and address, as well.**
  • CHECK OR MONEY ORDER: Please send this form and payment to
    Whiskers Pet Rescue     PO Box 367      Southbury, CT 06488
  • FOR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Direct Bank Transfer (ACH) please FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW.