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ARCHIE IS SUCH A WONDERFUL BIG BOY!! He will be your best friend!! Archie was abandoned outside and a lot of cats were beating up on him, so he is FIV+. He also had entropion, where his eyelashes were growing the wrong direction, into his eyes. So painful and eventually, with infection and scarring, would have likely caused blindness. Fortunately, a very kind person rescued him and got him all the medical care he so desperately needed. Thank goodness for people that truly care. He had his entropion surgery, so his eyelids are now corrected and his eyelashes no longer torment him. He still looks a bit raggedy from all he went through, but his personality more than makes up for it!

An FIV+ cat is not a sick cat. It is not contagious to people or dogs. FIV+ cats definitely deserve love and a chance for a happy life just like any other cat and it's far from a death sentence. Learn more about FIV at https://blindcatrescue.blogspot.com/2015/08/08282015.html...

We feel he should be an only pet, where he can get all the love and attention he went so long without. No young children, Archie needs a quiet, peaceful life now. Hopefully, the right family comes along soon to give Archie the loving forever home he deserves! Apply now HERE.

💚 REDUCED ADOPTION FEE! 💚  Stevie Wonder can see just fine, but he is a kitten with pretty severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). Stevie is such a wonderful, sweet, playful 4 month old boy. He needs someone willing to adopt a special needs kitten and give him the loving family he deserves. He is a "wobbly cat" with poor balance and mobility. CH cats don't know they are any different or that they have "special needs". They are just as happy and playful as any other cat or kitten, they are just "floppy". CH does not get any better or any worse, it just is what it is. No small children, or cats or dogs that could possibly bother or injure him. Another CH cat would probably be awesome!   VIDEO

Read more about CH here: https://www.petmd.com/.../neur.../c_ct_cerebellar_hypoplasia

Stevie is in foster, so is not normally at the shelter. His foster will bring him in for appointments to meet him once someone is approved to adopt.  Please apply online here. 



  lilyLILY:  LILY is an extremely loving and playful little 2 year old tabby girl. 💜 She would be a great addition to any family!  Please apply online here.