Sponsor-A-Cage Program 2024


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** We are now offering HALF YEAR cage sponsorships! We have many cages left that did not get sponsors and the year will soon be half over. Hopefully, more people are financially able to sponsor half a year. With the cost of supplies and the amount of surrenders, especially kittens, that are coming in, we really need to raise whatever funds we can.

When you sponsor a cage, you aren't sponsoring just one cat or kitten. You are helping the many cats and kittens that stay in your cage awaiting their adoption throughout the year! We have more cages available for this year than we had last year, so more people will be able to become sponsors! Whiskers Pet Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible. We will be planning an open house just for cage sponsors in April!


*Note: Cages for each level are limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis. If we assign all available cages in a Sponsorship Level before your form is received and processed, we will contact you for another level choice.

DOUBLE - A one-time 6 MONTH donation of $137.50: Sponsors one of our double cages which may house many single or pairs of cats or multiple kittens throughout the half year.
TRI-LEVEL - A one-time 6 MONTH donation of $162.50: Sponsors one of our tri-level cages which may house many large individual cats, pairs of bonded cats or litters of kittens throughout the half year.

Sponsoring a cage makes a great gift or memorial on behalf of someone that is passionate about animals.

  • CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS, Google Pay, Apple Pay or direct Debit/Bank Check (ACH) : CLICK HERE to go to the Sponsor-A-Cage Online Payment Form.
  • CHECK OR MONEY ORDER: Please print & send this form and payment to
    Whiskers Pet Rescue     PO Box 367      Southbury, CT 06488
    * Please write "SAC" on the front of the envelope, in the bottom left corner.