Lost & Found Pets


People who have either lost a pet or found a stray pet should:

Contact your local animal control officer and the animal control offices in the surrounding towns.

  • Per state law, found dogs must be reported to animal control. Found cats and other small domestic animals should also be reported. Some animal control officers also have microchip scanners, so they may be able to assist you in performing a microchip scan of the found pet in case there is a microchip that is registered to an owner. Vet offices usually have a chip scanner, as well.

  • If you’ve lost a pet, let your ACO know it is missing, just in case it is brought or reported to animal control. And continue to check with the ACO for several weeks. Animal control officers often cover huge cities on their own, so you should check in regularly about any lost or found pet reports.

  • Please Note: We DO NOT recommend putting your cat's litter box or used litter outside! Some people and websites recommend that, but you should not do it! Predators like coyotes, etc. are attracted to cat urine. Last thing you want if your cat is lost outside! Put used clothing or bedding outside for scent instead.

Links for Information and Assistance with Lost or Found Pets